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OHLA & LYNN University Flight Academy
New Students at OHLA. April 3rd, 2018

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International Testimonies

  1. Martina from Czech Republic
  2. Alejandro from Argentina
  3. Tania from Nicaragua
  4. Madu from Brazil
  5. Carina from Germany
  6. Zalikhon from Usbekistan
  7. Gisselle from Honduras
  8. Nicole from Venezuela
  9. Jinsung from South Korea
  10. Mamajan from Turkmenistan
  11. Yuri from Japan
  12. Merseigne from Cameroon
  13. Natthaporn from Thailand
  14. Torkan from Iran
  15. Stefani from Macedonia
  16. Margot from France
  17. Ana from Serbia
  18. Mateo from Italy
  19. Frank from Colombia
  20. Chia from Taiwan
  21. Micaela from Ecuador
  22. Abdelhamed from Palestine
  23. Andrea from Bolivia
  24. Jan from Slovakia
  25. Domingas from Angola
  26. Yemkanat from Kazakhstan
  27. Al from Saudi Arabia
  28. Petra from Switzerland
  29. Roman from Russia
  30. Emad from Jordan
  31. Marcela from Chile
  32. Mary from Haiti
  33. Yann from Ivory Coast
  34. Serhii from Ukraine
  35. Ilayda from Turkey
  36. Indira from Salvador
  37. Brenda from Netherlands
  38. Salma from Morocco
  39. Mahmud from Libya
  40. Testimonial from Armenia
  41. Testimonial from Mexico
  42. Testimony from Iceland
  43. Testimonial from Estonia
  44. Testimonial from Azerbaijan
  45. Testimonial from Israel
  46. Testimonial from Belgium
  47. Testimonial from China
  48. Testimonial from Costa Rica
  49. Testimonial Dominican Republic
  50. Testimonial Spain
  51. eTestimonial from Romania
  52. Testimonial Lebanon
  53. Testimonial from Egypt
  54. Testimonial from Mauritania
  55. Testimonial from Finland
  56. Testimonial from Georgia
  57. Testimonial from Oman
  58. Testimonial from Madagascar
  59. Testimonial from Guadeloupe
  60. Testimonial from Martinique
  61. Testimony from Hungary
  62. Testimony from Peru
  63. Testimonial from Uruguay
  64. Testimonial from Guyana
  65. Testimonial from Poland
  66. Testimonial from Austria
  67. Testimonial from Portugal
  68. Testimonial from VIetnam

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